I attended Three Rivers Community College and the University of Arizona Global Campus. My goals even as a child were to help others and ensure those around me felt included and valued. I grew up in New London, Connecticut and learned first hand from my own mentors and afterschool programs what it meant to be a constant support and reliable adult for others when other parts of daily life is chaotic. My work life has been centered around social services, group homes, hospital social work and mentoring.


Creative Potential was created out of a need for many families like myself needing help with our children and there was no company that was able meet that need of building basic life skills for a better outcome in life.

When I had my son he was diagnosed with a rare cognitive delay that would affect him for the rest of his life.

Between PPT's, doctor’s appointments, and trying to teach our son life skills we could not find a company that would accept him due to his age or because of our financial income. Everywhere we were referred to found a reason to deny service or say no.

In essence our son was denied access to programs because we made to much money, he was not disabled enough or he was not under state care.

This is where Creative Potential began...

Our Mission

There is a little Creative Potential in everyone
and every situation.

Our Interest

Our goal is to master the many barriers and obstacles that families and indviduals encounter in seeking out services. We strive to build strong partnerships with families and agencies to ensure youth and families have a strong success rate later in life.


When you read about our mission and services, did you say "Hey, I want to do that!" or "I want try and do this". If you're looking for a change, have experience working with youth and find behavioral challenges something your good at contact us. We have found parents of youth with special needs and or behavioral challenges, paraprofessionals, sport coaches, siblings of individuals with special needs ideal fits for these positions.