Services /  Respite

Respite is a short-term relief for parents or guardians in need of relief up to eight hours. Services can be paid directly to Creative Potential or payment can be rendered from another agency that has agreed to cover the cost for the family.

Respite is set up to give short-term relief to overwhelmed parents or guardians. Service can happen at our office or directly in a home setting. Youth and respite worker are encouraged to set up activities such as cooking, life skills or finding something to do in the community. All families are encouraged to fill out on boarding paperwork with us prior to starting the service to make sure we are aware of any behavioral concerns, essential demographic of the youth and family contact information.

Respite may be for you if you’re a guardian that is overwhelmed and needing a break to reset your energy tank and keep going. Respite may also be for you if your family has frequent 211 calls and youth and adults need to separate to ensure fewer disruptions in the home. This service is ideal for two family homes, single parent homes, a home with more than one child that has a youth that requires a higher level of attention, or a family that knows they just need a break – no questions asked.

Here at Creative Potential, we recognize that having a child with behavioral health, intellectual delay, or any other diagnose can be a drain on a guardian’s tank if you have natural support or not. We want to see parents living their best life so they can make it through the long weekends, regular weekends, or anything that you know is too much to manage.

We get it, and we got you.


When you read about our mission and services, did you say "Hey, I want to do that!" or "I want try and do this". If you're looking for a change, have experience working with youth and find behavioral challenges something your good at contact us. We have found parents of youth with special needs and or behavioral challenges, paraprofessionals, sport coaches, siblings of individuals with special needs ideal fits for these positions.