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Let’s be honest if you have been to court and ordered or asked to do a Supervised visit it’s probably not going well at this point. Creative Potential prides our self on supporting families getting back to a good place and helping children see their parents or grandparents.

There is no reward for parenting alone

Is it easier to raise a child when it is just your choices YES! But guess what children need a village to help raise them, get them to appointments, talk to them, support their activities and support their ideas, up’s & downs and LOVE THEM. Supervised visits help a non-custodial parent reestablish a relationship and bond with a child or children. During the visit we write notes on the interaction(s) between the child and parent that may support or establish parents being able to have more unsupervised time with their child/ children.

Court Considerations

  • Ask the judge who should be paying for visit? Both parents or just the non-custodial parent?
  • Frequency of visit(s) 2 hours once a week for two months or maybe 4 hours a week for one month
  • What is the consequence if the parental parent prevents the non-custodial parent from supervised visit?
  • Who is allowed at the visit? Can you bring grandparent or your spouse to the visit?
  • When is the next court date to review the supervised visit notes and ask for non-supervised time/ visits?
  • Ask the judge to note all above in the court order

Supervised visits are not cheap, and we want your time with your child and the time in court to be effective and worth your time and money. Having the above items in line before leaving court will save both sides time, money and an understanding of what is expected for visit and lessen limitation and access to your beautiful children.

Key Offerings

Every session comes with a professional case write up that can be submitted to a lawyer’s office or court system. Dedicated staff that are background checked and committed to your family’s growth.

When to have Supervised Visits

Supervised visit work best when children are out of school or for younger children mid-morning. We suggest visits run no longer than 2 hours at a time and in the general public or at our office. We will not preform visits in homes for liability and safety concerns.

More Information

Download our Supervised Visits Flyer


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