Services /  Autism Support

Behavioral Support Services assist the child or teen with the integration and reinforcement of behavioral changes in the home and community. No parent learns how to deal with the unknown when your child is diagnosed with a condition that many of us have no experience in dealing with. As the owner of this company, my son was diagnosed at six months old and I had to adapt quickly to his delays, needs, and memories. My staff and I get it. We are here to support, provide referrals, and help create giggles and decrease the stress.

For example, when a child is hospitalized, there are direct care specialists who work with him/her to practice using coping resources and making safe choices. Our Behavior Technicians and Clinician work with the child to increase his/her behavioral control in home and community settings through consistent reinforcement. These services are primarily covered by insurance companies and require a prior diagnosis of Autism and approval from Insurance. Once services are approved most families can anticipate weekly routine in home services from 15-35 hours a week. An authorized adult must be present at all times when services are taking place to ensure the family is learning and able to see behavior modification in real time.

These services can go on for months to years and are an integral part of supporting families learn and grow with their child.


When you read about our mission and services, did you say "Hey, I want to do that!" or "I want try and do this". If you're looking for a change, have experience working with youth and find behavioral challenges something your good at contact us. We have found parents of youth with special needs and or behavioral challenges, paraprofessionals, sport coaches, siblings of individuals with special needs ideal fits for these positions.