Services /  Mentoring

Our credentialed and background checked mentors work collaboratively with families, state agencies, schools, and additional service providers to deliver the most integral part of supporting children and teens with cognitive, behavioral, and/or developmental challenges: for 1-5 days per week for 2-4 hours at a time.

Our clients receive autonomy-supportive, experiential interventions that can take place anywhere from the living room to a university campus. The experiences combined with the unconditional positive regard of a CP mentor allow for clients to make progress towards therapeutic goals. We provide a safe space for mentees to explore new ways of coping with challenges. Our agency has been doing mentoring from day one since we opened it’s the heart of this company. Teaching youth how to read a map, bus lines, looking at apartments, colleges, and employment is the stuff we love to do. Many parents are flat out busy and trying to keep up with life, housing, and employment. Let us help you teach the basic skills that kids sometimes miss out on. We love and so much fun.

Additionally, CP mentors provide advocacy for their clients in scholastic, clinical, and judicial settings. We are "boots on the ground" who speak up for clients and their families in PPT, ACR, and other meetings. When we close out with clients our hope is that a youth and or family have gained a valuable skill from us. We want you to leave us having learned how to cook, compare apartments based off budget or riding a bus to get to work.


When you read about our mission and services, did you say "Hey, I want to do that!" or "I want try and do this". If you're looking for a change, have experience working with youth and find behavioral challenges something your good at contact us. We have found parents of youth with special needs and or behavioral challenges, paraprofessionals, sport coaches, siblings of individuals with special needs ideal fits for these positions.