Before You Apply

Before you apply to join the team at Creative Potential, please make sure you have completed an Employment Application and that you have your resume available.

You will need to upload both of these documents in order to apply for a position. If you have any questions please contact Creative Potential.

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Application: Use the option below to browse your device to select the completed Creative Potential employment application. This application file must be a PDF:
Resume: Use the option below to browse your device to select your resume. This resume file must be a PDF:

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When you read about our mission and services, did you say "Hey, I want to do that!" or "I want try and do this". If you're looking for a change, have experience working with youth and find behavioral challenges something your good at contact us. We have found parents of youth with special needs and or behavioral challenges, paraprofessionals, sport coaches, siblings of individuals with special needs ideal fits for these positions.